Friday, August 24, 2007

Draft Review: Brock Huntzinger

Brock Huntzinger is the bright young star from Pendleton, Indiana. He slipped to the 3rd round, but many believed he could have gone higher. He had intended to pitch for Indiana University next year, before signing with the Sox. The coach of IU thought very highly of Brock saying "he is one of the top pitchers in the Midwest."

Brock is one of the few players drafted that have already got his career underway. He has made 3 appearances for the Red Sox GCL team. So far, in 5 innings, he has 4 strikeouts and walked none. He has allowed 2 runs and 4 hits over that period. The only stat that you should pay attention to in the GCL is walks and strike outs, basically command. Command is something that will transcend levels and is important to keep. These pitchers will be practicing pitches and often will be up and down. Keep that in mind when looking at players below AA.

He is a scouts dream. He stand 6'3" 215 lbs and can afford to put weight on. He is an extremely athletic kid that was great both ways in High School. He will be a pitcher for the Red Sox and has some great treats to start with. He has a smooth delivery, that will require very little tweaking. Because of this delivery, he has little trouble going deep into game and has shown an ability to bounce on short rest. He has a solid fastball, resting around 91 MPH, with above average secondary pitches. His curveball is has been call "excellent and his slider is developing. It is a new pitch to him, so with time it could become great.

In looking at Huntzinger, it is important to keep in mind he is only 19 years old. Like all draft picks, he is probably more than 2 years away from anything. In my opinion, he is the most talented player draft. Yes, more talented than Middlebrooks. I'm expecting a lot from him, I'll keep everyone informed about him.


ThisBlogSox! said...

I say put him in for Schilling

Dave. B said...

Ha, not quite there yet.

Anonymous said...

I wonder when he will move up to high A or AA??? Hopefully soon.