Friday, August 24, 2007

Draft Review: Austin Bailey

Lets start somewhere in the middle and work my way out. You probably haven't heard much about Bailey, since he was a 16th round selection out of college. He was most definitely not a 16th round talent, however. He has the abilities to become a really strong pitcher. Most teams shied away because of sign ability. Baseball America had him ranked the 176th best player entering the draft, but he slipped all the way to the 504th pick. According to, Bailey was the 115th best prospect.

The scouting report is he has a fastball ranging from 88-93 MPH fastball. He sports a change-up and a curveball. Both pitches have a lot of development needed to become solid secondary pitches. The curveball appears to be the further developed pitched, said to have "depth and tight rotation." As many kids out of High School, he lacks the mentality of a major league pitcher. He likes to challenge hitters with his fastball and lacks the necessary switch of pace in his secondary pitches. He is currently 6'1" 195 lbs. and has little room to grow. He will probably bulk up a tad, but the fastball will probably never top 94. His delivery is extremely similar to that of Jeremy Bonderman. It is never a bad thing being compared to Bonderman.

He is said to be a tough, aggressive player. Sounds very similar to a pitcher that the Sox drafted out of High School, Michael Bowden. While Bowden has a different approach to pitching, both were confident pitchers straight out of High School. Don't be shocked if Bailey has success in A ball next year and we start hearing his name on major outlets, like Bowden. Great pick for the Sox. The price, $285,000, was completely in the realm of justification.


Anonymous said...

he now is home in alabama on leave with "mental issues" after his reguest for a full release was denied.

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