Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sizing Up the Sox

I looked at the Halo's pitchers, lets look at the Sox pitchers and how they have fared against the Angels.

Josh Beckett vs.
Orlando Cabrera - .281/.286/.428 (35 PAs)
Vlad Guerrero - .217/.379/.301 (29 PAs)
Garrett Anderson - .400/.500/.600 (12 PAs)
Career ERA vs. Angels - 2.16

Dice-K Matsuzaka vs.
Never Faced

Curt Schilling vs.
Vlad Guerrero - .286/.328/.635 (67 PAs)
Orlando Cabrera - .341/.356/.523 (45 PAs)
Chone Figgins - .294/.294/.647 (17 PAs)
Career ERA vs. Angels - 3.67

Beckett has owned the Angels. You might be saying "those lines aren't very good. Why didn't you pick people with better lines?" Well, those were the best lines. Only Anderson had an above .800 OPS. Daisuke has never faces the Angels so i have no data for you. Schilling has been hit solidly by Vlad and Cabrera. They have been the Angels best hitters all year and i would think they would continue that in this series.

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