Thursday, September 20, 2007

Winter League

Just a quick hit here. The rosters for Winter league have came out and the Sox have 6 players participating. Those players are Ryan Kalish, Daniel Bard, Jason Place, Brandon Moss, Jimmy James, and Argenis Diaz. Kalish and Moss are the big names their. Kalish is a 19 year old kid that did great in Lowell. Sadly, he got hurt and missed a good chunk of the season. Moss is going to practice first. If he makes strides, their is no doubt he is on the 25-man roster come 2008. This could be huge for Place and Bard. They both have tons of talent but have played extremely poorly in the minors. Diaz and James are nothing to get all that excited about, sorry guys. I'll keep you posted on those players as the seasons get underway.

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